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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Andersonville with the Whiddons

A few weeks ago we took a trip up to Georgia to attend the Andersonville Reenactment with our dear friends the Whiddons. It was a very nice reenactment set in the small, quaint town of Andersonville Georgia. There were some nice shops and a general store WITH a restroom. That was a nice change from the other reenactments we have been to. Also, because it was a small scaled event, everything was within easy walking distance. There was a fun parade to start the day off, a few sutleries, lots of good food (we brought a picnic with the Whiddons) and even some fresh brewed iced tea for sale. The actual battle left alot to be desired, but hey, there was lots of shooting!! And boy did they love using their cannons! So all the boys (and men) enjoyed the battle!
The Marine Corp Band

Chris and Brent

Laney and Mary enjoy the parade

Some Johnny Rebs

Abby and Nina
Callie with Mallory and Brooke

All the boys enjoying the festivities (especially the part when they tossed all that candy in the street!)

CJ and Michael each managed to get out of there with a new weapon (you may notice CJ's "safety orange" tip is already gone. His Miller cousins have taught him well! )

Little "Timmy Willie" - the Whiddon's youngest

Margaret and Lindsey looked so sweet!

Wills and his Mama (no there wasn't a Sonny's nearby - I brought that cup with me)

Our family October 2008

Stricklen and Whiddon children - 15 in all!
All the Southern Belles -- Many folks asked to take their pictures (the girls were horrified a few times!)The Whiddons

After the reenactment, our family went to visit PROVIDENCE SPRINGS at the Andersonville Prison. That was one of the reasons we wanted to go to this reenactment because this Providential spring was just down the road from there. There is a wonderful story that was told by the Union soldiers about how they were desperate for water and many cried out to the Lord for mercy. He heard their plea and God cleft the earth and water sprang forth! We took a few pictures of the actual engraving at the spring if you want to read it. What a wonderful testimony of God's faithfulness for our children to witness!

Here is the spring -- the water was beautiful, cold and crystal clear. There was of course a health warning! "This water not potable!" Callie and Mary just had to prove that it indeed WAS potable; so they drank some and said it was DELICIOUS!

Leaving Providence Springs

We headed back to the Whiddons for a hearty supper! They indeed showed us wonderful hospitality. They have been so gracious the many times we have popped in for a short visit. We appreciate it so much. We stayed Saturday evening and had a home-church service with them and the Griffins (a local family with 6 children).

A sweet friend and lovely hostess

Lindsey at home
William gets a ride!

The Whiddons got a foos(?) ball table -- that was a hit with the kids (and some male adults!)

The boys

Brook with this wonderful old baby grande piano the Lord provided for her. She had been praying for years for this! Another testimony of God's goodness.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Trip to the Beach

Hey, y'all! Sorry it's been such a miserably long time since we posted! A few weeks ago our family rented a beach house on the ocean, and stayed for the weekend! We had a wonderful time enjoying God's absolutely amazing creation! Along with many other creatures, seashells, (Hey, can you say "seashells" ten times fast???....) birds, and even a few dolphins, we saw quite an unwanted abundance of jellyfish!:) Aunt Beth, Kitty, Markie, Rosie, and Emma joined us for one of the days and stayed one of the nights. We were SO glad they stayed! We had a great time! Well, here are all of the pics! Hope y'all enjoy them! The camera was....well...let's say for some unknown reason it was "acting up"-- So some of the pictures are blurry. Sorry:(
See y'all!:)

Mama and Little Hambone!

Abby and Daddy:)

It looks like Grandma Sue is enjoying herself!

Aww, what cute, chubby wittle feeties:)

A little Beach Bum!

Two little beach buddies!Y'all havin' fun yet????

Markie and Abby:)

Grandma sue soaking up that good 'ol Fla. sun:)

Rosie Posy and EmmaJanie:)

Havin' LOTS of fun!!!

Aaawww!!!! What a purdy picture:)
A gorgeous Sunset!
Arrrggghhh!!!!! I for got to take the DATE/TIME setting off of the camera!!!! The date on there is completely off, anyways! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!

Sweet little buddies!

Beach Art:)
Yay! Callie caught a wittle fishy!:):)
(Being very foolish!)

Deeda's 10th catch for the weekend:)

Ooohhh! It's a shrimp--just like me!

Ahhh!!! Daddy, I caught a fish!!!!!! It's a big one, Daddy!

A successful catch:)

Reel it in! Reel it in!
OK--Those fish were desperate--Two for one!
"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it."
Proverbs 26:6

Studying the captured Jellyfish
Frisbee Football--Yay, Twiz! Go out for a pass!!!!
Yet another gorgeous Florida Sunset:)Happy Trails, y'all! -- Until we meet again:)

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