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Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I want to introduce you to our adopted friend "Pickles the Snake" (Recognize this, Uncle Hans?)
Obviously I'm being very foolish.
Meet Mr. Pickles

Playtime Mr. Pickles

Naughty, Naughty, Mr. Pickles!

Lunchtime, Mr. Pickles!

Bathtime, Mr. Pickles!


What a Day, Mr. Pickles! Good Night!

Sleep Tight, Mr Pickles!

Posted By a very foolish Mary Noelle


Sarah said...

You are so funny Mary!!!
Mama and I are laughing so hard over here! You crack me up.:)
Unique cucumbers, aren't they?

Love Always,

Kelly said...

Mary, You are too funny! I enjoyed meeting Mr. Pickles!

Mrs. Stevens

Uncle Hans said...

No cucumber has ever been more honored, not even in Vegie Tales :) "They" say 'laughter is the best medicine'. The logical conclusion is that you are now Dr. Mary, because you have certainly prescribed a lot of laughter!

The Miller Family said...

Oh, Mary! You have definitely got our family's (wierd) sense of humor! Much enjoyed by the Miller family!

Tina said...

How CUTE!!! Where can I buy one for my littles? Does Mr. Pickles have any videos out yet?
Loved It!!

Mrs. P

Kitty said...

Mary, I dont know how you come up woth this stuff,but that was adorable, and you now have me very jelous. Mr. Pickles left our house for yours, and now is online for hundreds of thousands to see.
:-) ;-)

You hade me laughing quite hard. :D


Haley Alford said...
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