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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Peas, Pickles and Peach Jam!

We have been so blessed by the Lord with an abundance of food to store up! We harvested the last of our wonderful, home grown peaches and were able to make some peach jam. Our dear friends, the Pollocks, opened their fields to our family and we picked bunches and bunches of blackeyed peas, conk peas, and cucumbers. We shelled and froze the peas and Callie made some pickles with the cukes.

CJ and Deeda with the last of the peaches

Delicious Peach Jam made with Sucanat

Mary looks so enthused about shelling

Yup -- that's lots a peas there, hmmm

OK - They got sidetracked

Ah, the sweet smell of summer!
Callie's 1st Pickle Making Experience
A job well done!

Here are some pictures from the Pollocks field while picking:

Ahh! Sweet :)
I think I've seen this picture before? Too cute!
That's using your head, Abby!
Callie's little papoose Ooh, you grubby little things!
Sisters working together
Mommy's Buster Boo (OK -- I know that's disgusting!!)
Sisters in the sweet dresses Sarah made for them

Later that evening, we had a nice dinner at the Stokes'

Julia blessed us TREMENDOUSLY with her farm fresh eggs

Liv and Margaret had some nice chatting that evening

Mrs. Pollock (Sr.) Cathy Stokes and Uncle Tommy

Good Friends And Good Friends again!
Oh, Grace, you look so thrilled -- Yes, she cleaned him up for me also :)
Thank you!

My good friend, Tracy
Callie and Rach

Boys will be boys! Even little Wills

Little Steven Graves

Jan Doolin with her MIL

Ben's Mama and sister, Mary

Thanks, Pollocks!


The Discher Family said...

I love your post! Your jelly and pickles look so pretty. I wonder who did the "pea art"? We surely enjoyed tasting those home grown peaches. Nothing like 'em!

"Aunt Beth"

Bonnie said...

Those peaches have been wonderful! And the pickles were very good, especially the bread and butter ones. Hasn't it been great getting all this delicious produce to "put up"? Y'all are women after my own heart!


The Pollock Family said...

Great Post!! Little Wills is sooo just bein one of the boys. He's cute, regardless!! Love the black and white pea pic, and you are welcome for the peas.

That is a "sweet" pic of G and K in the field. They look so natural. ahhhhh

The canning looks great. We didn't even put up any pickles, can you believe it. I'm sure glad y'all did. Maybe I can sneak a bite and the peaches look wonderful!! Great Job

Love you all,
Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Glad yall liked the post!!
Those pickles ARE really good!!

Love, Abby

(It was Mary and me who did the
"Pea Art")

Anonymous said...

Im from Ft Oglethorpe,Ga and I just want to say I truly enjoyed your photo's. Some of the picture's made me teary eyed, it made me thank of my family and only sister I lost this past Nov2008. I miss her so.
I ran across your blog looking for fresh peas. May the Lord keep you and your family in His arms safe.
God Bless Thanks again
Janice Murphy

June said...

Your bog is lovely, your family is too, I have had a lovely time reading through here, and all I googled was a basket of peaches, amazing thanks for brightening my day xxxxxxxxxxxxxx