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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

~Blessings Bloom at Home~

Mmmmmm......There's nothing better than a glass of fresh squeezed Lemonade:):)
Actually, Willie disagrees. He is of the opinion that there's nothing better than SWEET "ownges" ("oranges", for any people that haven't quite mastered the art of translating babytalk:)
~Our state bird, the Mockingbird~
.....Un upside-down tree????............
Deeda is in HEAVEN with all of our 11 Black Lab puppies!
They are so cute!
You call THAT a carrot????
"Well, it tastes enough like one to me!" 

That is what I call UGLY:)
"It's 7:43.............Here is comes!!!!! THERE IT GOES!!!!
There goes the Space Shuttle!
The two little dots under the shuttle are the booster rockets falling down to Earth. Neat, huh??
Well, they made it, I guess--As far as we can see:)
Question: What do you do when you have LOTS of old oranges that dropped to the ground, and LOTS of old oranges on the tree that need to be picked to make room for fresh ones??????
Answer: You have the very first Orange Rolling Olympics, of course!!!
First Contestant--Abby Stricklen. There she goes!!!!!!!
The "rolling alley"
"Mine's gonna go right there in the middle--Right past yours!"
Fresh Blossoms:)
Nice, cool sand:)
"Here she goes!"
We have a winner! Ladies and Gentlemen, before your very eyes is the very first WORLD RECORD for the very first Orange Rolling Olypics!!!!! (Loud cheering and applaud.......)
Well, Thats's all, Folks!
May thre Lord bless you and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you, and give you peace!
 Posted By Mary Noelle


Whiddon Family said...

Hey, Mary!

Once again, thanks for posting. :) I love the simple, everyday life posts like this one. Margeret sure looks like she is enjoying those pups...they're so cute!

Lord willing, we will get to see ya'll in 3 days. We are sooo excited about the retreat! Is your Momma and the boys going to make the trip as well?

Until Then,

~God bless!~


Whiddon Family said...

Little Wills is sure growin up so fast! That is the cutiest picture of him with his "ownges"! Y'all's puppies are adorable! I'm sure y'all are havin alot of fun with them! Ha! The ugly carrot pictures are so funny, what a strange carrot. Y'all can see the space shuttle from y'all's house, how fun!


Bonnie said...

What a sweet post, Mary Noelle! Those were good pictures of the shuttle! It was certainly impressive this time, wasn't it?

Hey, simple things like the Orange Roll Olympics are the most fun! And then there is the Ugliest Carrot Contest! Oh, and how did you get so close to that mockingbird?? (Silly, non-photographer me! Zoom lens, right?)

Thanks for all the fun, Stricklens!

Love, Grandmother
who will miss you all this weekend!
well, not all, since CJ is staying with ME!

Anonymous said...

That's a weird lookin carrot.
Those puppies are adorable!!!!

Jason C Frodge said...

Thanks for posting the pics of the pups. Soon as Ashley saw them, she called me up at work to say she wanted one! Then I got on here, saw the pics and wanted one too. Too bad we're travelling 1000 miles and can NOT take on ewith us. Too bad. They are cute.


Oh, come on Jay! He won't take up much room!!
You guys are EXPERTS at traveling with dogs!!


The Miller Family said...

Aww, what a pleasant post! I love looking at posts about daily, run-of-the-mill life. It makes me feel like I just ran over to the Stricklens and joined them for a few hours!

About those puppies...I sure do want one, and Daisy needs a friend. Two problems, getting it from Florida to Arkansas, and getting it past Robert.

Well, I hope y'all have loads of fun with them before they will inevitably have to find new homes.


Kitty said...

*Sigh* I sure do love those puppies! I know which one I want, but unfortunately, I don't think I'll get it. :'( :-P Little cuties!! :)

WOW!!! That was SOME carrot!!! I wonder what it was evolving into, since it surely must have been an in-between carrot!! :-P

Watching taht shuttle was neat. I've only seen one that well one other time. That was neat!!

The Orange Rolling Olympics looked very familiar. We've done that, but I don't think we actually competed with ours. :-P

Have fun in GA without us!! Take lots of pictures. :) :) (WHAT?? The Stricklens take PICTURES!?!?!?!?!?) :-P


Kitty said...

Looking forward to those Father/Daughter pictures ya'll! :)

Puppiesd are doing great. :)


Anonymous said...


nice post! if you have trouble getting rid of those muts. im sure the gator farm in plant city will take them off your hands. katie was right she will have trouble getting it past me. the next dog we get will be a Tennessee blue tick hound. Who won the orange contest? if you did you probably cheated, not that there is anything wrong with cheating. is it cheating if you dont get caught?

uncle catfish

Kitty said...

Hahahahaaha. Uncle Catfish, since you seem in doubt, I just wanted to enlighten you. It IS cheating--even if you dont get caught. :-P



Anonymous said...

To answer your question Uncle Catfish, Mary won the Orange Rolling Olympics.
I love and miss you!

The Dischers said...

Well, it's nice to know we're not the only ones to post "baby talk" on our blog.

Your space shuttle pictures were awesome. We got some pretty good ones too, but not as good as your view.

I love those little pups. They are just precious. We ALMOST kept 3 hee hee hee. Couldn't get 'em past Uncle Eddie, though. He's stuck on a Border Collie. You know those Canadians :)

Love you all!
Aunt Beth

Anonymous said...

Border collie???? Thats not a real dawg. There are 2 classifications of canine. 1 dawg(dog)Real mans pet,such as Lab, hound, pit bull and blue tick. Notice they are all southern breeds. 2 Pooch any thing sissy or yankee. A border collie is in the pooch cat. along with poodle. FYI Any dawg/dog can beat up any pooch.

uncle catfish

Anonymous said...

Its not cheating if you don't get caught. Ask any tax advisor worth any thing.


Peter said...

uncle catfish. I've been trying to convince daddy to get a Bluetick, or a Blood hound, But He's stuck on the border collie. I tried.