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Hello! Welcome to the Stricklen's blog. We hope to keep our family and friends up to date with what is going on with our family. You will find a variety of experiences posted here -- you may find pictures of the never ending project of building our house, Callie helping William with his first steps, Mary studying a rare insect species, or perhaps you may be terribly bored with Molly's numerous fruit trees, berries, vegetables and rare plant pictures! Who knows what we may find Chris and CJ doing -- probably something having to do with a tractor or machine of sorts. Abby and Margaret will keep us entertained with costumes from other lands or a fairy story. Whatever we post, we trust it will lift your spirits and bring honor and glory to our Lord!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday, Wills! May 4th

Happy 2nd Birthday to our precious, rough and tumble, one-of-a-kind little Wills! You were uniquely made to be just who God wants you to be. Our prayer is that God will take all that makes you uniquely YOU, all that energy and personality, and that God will channel and direct it into your becoming a STRONG, BRAVE and COURAGEOUS man of God!

You are so very special to us and we love you so much!
Your Family


The Dischers said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a precious and fun little nephew!

We know you are being raised in the ways of God and will be a Warrior for His kingdom!!! We love you,

Uncle Eddie and Aunt Beth

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday William. What a precious gift from God your are!

The Stevens Family

The Miller Family said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. William!!!!

I can't believe he's 2. He's supposed to be the baby of the grandchildren, just barely learning to crawl!


Oh, that's right, he had to start growing up.

When I look at the pictures, I can't make up my mind who he looks like. Sometimes CJ, sometimes Margaret, sometimes the others when they were little. I guess he just looks like William!

Aunt Katie

The Pollock Family said...

Happy Birthday Wills. Two years old already? You've got to be kidding! Where has the time gone?
You can tell he is very, very loved by his family. Pure boy for sure. We love that cuddly baby thats growing up too fast. May the Lord continue to mold you into a lover of His Word, who is steadfast and sure.

We love you,
The Pollock Family

Bonnie said...

Happy birthday, little Willie! You are so special and precious to us. What a blessing to be able to watch you grow -- learning to talk, beginning to understand what life is about, giving your opinion about things, calling your mother a "wrench" (must be a complement, since you love tools!)

We pray for you every day, William, and love the little man of God you are becoming! You are a blessing to your family.

Grandmother and Granddaddy