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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Missouri Part 2

We all enjoyed the conference ALOT! We learned SO much. It was so encouraging to see so many other people striving to serve the Lord, and better understand the reasons why we believe what we believe, so that we can "..Be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear: I Peter 3:15. It was all definitely very worthwhile! Here are some pictures of after the conference:)After the conference, we all went back to the Millers, and then over to see some new friends of the Millers, the Petersons. We all had a great time ,and enjoyed the fellowship! I have very few pics, though:( Good Fellowship:) Becky, Tessa, and Sam Peterson:):)Well, I got a partial smile:):)
Uncle Robert is hard to get a pic of, but he is really enjoying himself:):)The Frodge Clan after Church in Arkansas:)
(All accept Uncle Jay, Aunt Ashley, and Savannah):(CUTE!!!Pals!
Joey: Hmmm...I wonder what's in here???
CJ: I wasn't gonna steal anything, Really, I wasn't! It was all Joey!
Sweet "Sparky Markie!"The Dischers and us stayed at a bed and breakfast called the Lakeshore Inn Bed and Breakfast. Mrs. Gladys was SO kind and hospitable! We all got our intruments out, and played a few tunes for her!
Us with Mrs. Gladys:)
CJ trying to do the hula hoop, and everyone else being lazy, waiting for Daddy and Uncle Eddie to finish grilling the chicken for supper. Kitty looks comfortable, doesn't she??Grrr....Amanda's all ready for that chicken....or is she....OH, NO.....SHE'S COMIN AT ME!!!! HHEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!!!!!More Hulahoopers!
Little Buddies!
Bare feet, sand, and sun--That's the life for the Three Amigos!
Peter, Me, Amanda, Abby, and Markie trying to use the paddleboat:):)
Daddy and his three Amigos Amanda and I are all ready for a coolin' off!
Sleepy Willie:)
Aunt Beth and Sparky Markie:)At the Roy Rogers Museum!
Cal-Sue with Roy RogersJr."Dusty"Rogers, and his son Dustin Rogers.
I think someone bumped the camera:(:(
This would have been a very funny picture:):) Can't you tell?
Mmmm!!! Dinner:)
When we left Mo. the temperature reached 100 degrees!

By the time we reached the border of Alabama and Georgia, we found out that the Excursion had a leak in the fuel line. So, we stopped in a very little town called Union Springs, Alabama, and found an Auto Parts store. But they didn't have what we needed, so we decided we would have to patch it up with something.... OK, this may sound silly, but have you ever changed a car's diaper??? Well, we did! Believe it or not, we decided to use a diaper to hold the leak until we got somewhere where Daddy could fix it. Every time Diesel would start spraying out the back we would say, "Daddy, I think we need a diaper change!" Babies are ALWAYS a blessing from God! Wouldn't you agree? About an hour later, we made it to Georgia and stopped at another auto parts store. We got the stuff that Daddy needed to fix the leak, and then we stopped at our DEAR friends, the Whiddons. Daddy fixed the leak there, and we all had a wonderful meal and some good fellowship:) The Whiddons are always SUCH great hosts!
Mrs. Whiddon and MamaNathan really loves taking care of WilliamBrooke played the piano while Callie sang some lovely songsDeeDee and Deeda (Less commonly known as Lindsey and Margaret)
CJ and Michael
Laney and I
Abby and Nina
Mallory, Callie, and Brooke
The Stricklen children, Grandmother and Granddaddy and Amanda, and all of the Whiddon children except Ben, he went out for his birthday with his parents.

Well, I guess that's all. After that, we headed home, and obviously, we made it safely home......Unless.....I could be an imposter........Bwaa Haaahhh!!!!(I'm REALLY tired, excuse my foolishness)

Posted by Mary Noelle (No, really, It IS me...)


Bonnie said...

Mary, you always do such a good job with pictures and captions! I love seeing parts of the trip I didn't experience -- like your B and B. And the diaper story is so funny! I hadn't heard that part! Hmmm . . . who knew?? Maybe we better keep a box of Huggies in the new RV!

Love, Grandmama


Ha! Ha! Maybe you should, Grandmother! I guess, if your'e reading this comment, you know that I added the pics of the Whiddons to this post:))


Amanda McAuley said...

Hey Mary,
Hahaha! I knew I shouldn't have let y'all take pics of me with those knives! :)
Great post, I love the pics!
See you tomorrow.
Amanda (your trying to eat you pal) ;)

The Miller Family said...

Well, it looks like the Stricklens have had another wonderful adventure! We're glad you all were able to visit us and that you made it safely home.

Dischers said...

What a great post! It was a good time. It's fun to see what you all did after we parted ways!

I LOVE the picture of the 3 babies!!! But NOT the picture of a wet, mascara smeared, Aunt Beth!!! You have ruined my carefully crafted image! You should know better... Mary, Mary...

Well, one "good" picture deserves another! Bwah ha ha! Just you wait, Mary Stricklen just you wait! (sung with an Eliza Doolittle accent)

Your very foolish,
Aunt Beth

For God's Glory!!! said...

Hey Mary,
Great Pictures!! :) they were so nice! :) I had been waiting for the picture of Callie and the rogers ;). BTW I love the Picture of Amanda with the knives. Hahahaha...
Great Job!
In Christ,

Erica said...

The story about the diapers is soo funny! It sounds like your trip was very exciting!
In fact, I like your blog so much, that I have decided to pass the "Brillante Award" to you. Visit my website for details. (Click my name to go to the exact page)