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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Dress Up Fun

We told you in our Welcome that Abby and Deeda would keep you entertained with a fairy story, or perhaps costumes from other lands. So....here's what goes on in Abigail and Margaret's (as well as their unwilling accomplices, CJ and Wills) fancies! Have fun! Mary
The Fairy Princess
CJ was more than willing to be the Fierce Samurai
Sister Margaret
Elliot "Wills" Ness
Pocohontus and Little Hiawatha
Glamour Girl (from Birthday Blog) breeds Glamour Girl, Jr. -- HELP!!
Little Jamestown Boy
Ok - CJ with a bowl on his head!
Abigail as Jo March
CJ as Mary's creation -- "McNasty"
"Help me, Superbaby!!"
Superbaby to the rescue!!!
As lovely Southern Belles
Posted by: Molly and Mary


Bonnie said...

Oh, my stars! Seems like I have seen some of those people somewhere . . .! Cute and creative, as usual, Mary! We know who one of the creative forces is behind all that fun!


His Space said...

u never get to old for dress-up and all the little ones are beautiful ( :

Peace in Christ ~ Julia

"Uncle" Hans said...

I've looked at this entry over and over again, and the story is always enjoyable. Adventure, mystery! The young princess and the fierce samurai brought together by fate in a little california town. There they are comforted and helped by one of the sisters from the local mission. The young but capable sherrif of the town also takes an interest in the two foreigners, and warns them about a band of renegade indians whose fierce faces alone would cause the princess to faint clear away! But the samurrai, by this time, has taken it upon himself to be her personal protector. As they explore the town they come across a japanese restaraunt, and there befriend a young geisha girl, whom fate also brought to this town. [Now I'm not sure if fates middle name begins with C, Mary, A or Marg, but she sure has been busy transplanting people in the California dessert!] Suddenly a handsome jamestown lad also appears in the japanese restaurant. Not able to understand the chineese chef who just appeared from the kitchen, and unable to understand how he got to California in the first place, He graciously salutes the princess, the geisha and the samurrai, and disappears out in to the now bustling crowd out on the street. Hopefully fate whisked him back to Jamestown, but we will never know. As the princess and the samurai leave the restaurant, they encounter a southern belle, and enquire of her what has brought all these people into the street? Of course, Jo March, totaly bewildered at finding herself here in this desert town, rather than in her living room with her mother and sisters and Laurie, is at a loss to explain. But being the creative writer that she is, Jo begins to plot out her own story. Soon she has the princess in a beasutiful southern dress... COMMERCIAL BREAK... To tired to cook tonight? Just call the Medeval Mystery Restaurant. Free Delivery.... Meet McDonald's new mascot, McNasty. For those who are to tired to notice what they eat tonight.... Is keeping your floors clean overwhelming you. Help is on the way! Super Baby Wipers. Just strap these environmentally friendly wipers to your baby's stomach and let him crawl at will. Lint and dust is automatically attracted to Super Baby Wiper, and with the included Super Baby Knee Pads, your floors will be polished. No more closet full of brooms and mops, buckets and cleaner. S B W does it all! .... Now back to the program...Suddenly Jo awakes on the sofa in her living room, with little sister Beth at her side. Overjoyed to find it had all been a really wierd dream, she sits back to enjoy the little play being presented by sister Amy. THE END :)

Dischers said...

What a fun, fun post, Mary! Oh! I just enjoyed reading it so much. Then I got to the comment section and had another treat - a dose of Uncle Hans' reative humour.

Who needs DISH with this kind of entertainment around!

Aunt Beth