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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Pleasant Saturday

YUM! Daddy cooked breakfast on the grill!
OK, well that didn't last long!:)
Little Hambone!
Abby, Willie, and I went out to the grove to see if we could find some ripe lemons for lemonade:) Wildflower Art:) Our "Orange Grove Morning Glories"
I'm not sure what they really are:) Ummm...well, I don't know any more than you do! I guess it's a...tree?....With vines growing all over it???... A pretty vine
Old, but still used grove equipment
YAY!!! We sucessfully found a lomon tree bearing lemons!A beautiful, slightly wild lemon!:):):)
Me and the lemons:)
A hot, sweaty Florida Boy!

(To the rythm or tune of "Mary Had a Little Lamb")

"Mary had an enemy, and enemy, an enemy,

Mary had an enemy,

His thorns were hard and green

He lives amongst the orange groves, orange groves, orange groves,

He lives amongst the orange groves,

His heart is cruel and mean

Through the grass would Mary run, Mary run, Mary run,

Through the grass would Mary run,

Her feet were always bare.

Everywhere that Mary went, Mary went, Mary went,

Everywhere that Mary went,

A sticker would be there."

A dumb poem by me:)A pretty picture by Abby

AAAhhh! We're being attacked by two soaking wet hoodlums!!!CJ found a friend--He named it George:):):) Florida just ain't Florida without Palmettoes!

Posted by Mary Noelle


Kitty said...

Hey Mary!

HAHAHA! I LOVED you poem. :) That was very very funny and cute. :)Oh-and I want a copy of the one picture of the field and sky, the one that was slightly fuzzy. That was one neat looking picture!!! :)




I'm glad ya liked the picture--I've got one that's not fuzzy. It has some sort of "special(or not so special) effect" on it:)

aka ~Mary~

The Pollock Family said...

We love your poem, it's a shame shoes aren't convenient. We feel your pain!!

Wills is too cute as usual.

Love you all,
The Pollocks

Anonymous said...

Hey Shorty,
I like your poem too!! :) :)
The pics are great - photographers are in heaven when they have lots of Florida plants to take pictures of aren't they? :) I hope to be re-entering the photo taking world sometime this week. :)
See y'all soon!

Bonnie said...

Oh, Mary, what a delightful post!! If I EVER were to move from Florida, those simple things you highlighted are what I would miss most.

That poem is adorable -- and appropriate!
Hmmm . . . think I will invite myself for breakfast next Saturday!
And wild lemons! You know I love them! Find me some, okay??

What precious memories you will have of you and little Willie exploring the grove together. Thanks for a sweet look into a Stricklen Saturday!


The Miller Family said...

That post is real Florida! I think you should publish your poem, but only Floridians would truly understand! Hey, can I come down for breakfast next Saturday, too? It looked delicious!

Aunt Katie

Erica said...

That was a great poem!! I liked it a lot - very creative! I also liked that photo that Abby took, the one of the bee. I've always wanted to get a good picture of a bee, but I never got one that's good . . .

The Dischers said...

What a refreshingly "real Florida" post! Such a pleasant way to spend a Saturday!

You're a great spontaneous poet, Mary! You have captured the feelings of many a Florida born child in that poem ;)

We also love to be able to just go outside and pick some lemons when we have a hankering for lemonade. It's the best kind of lemonade isn't it?

Aunt Beth

The Dischers said...

Oh! I meant to say that I agree with Erica, that is a wonderful bee picture, Abby!

Aunt Beth

Mrs. Stokesies said...

Oh what a cute post. And Willie Pea is such a little man. Adorable! I love the poem. Yes, definitely penned by a little barefoot Florida girl:) Thanks, Mrs. Stokesies

Anonymous said...

Y'all have been tagged :)