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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hey, Y'all!
Sorry it's been so long since we posted! I'll post pictures starting with Thanksgiving, (Yeah, I know it's pretty pathetic!) and whatever comes next in order. So, here they are -- Enjoy!
May the LORD richly bless you and yours this Christmas season!
~Mary Noelle~

Thanksgiving PreparationsThe finished product--Apple Pie! YUM!!!
Mama and Deeda picking the Collards for Thanksgiving dinner
A bountiful Harvest!!!
More preparations :)
Sour Cream Coffee Cake--It was DELICIOUS!!!
(Callie received "Considered for TriColor" Award
at Polk County Youth Fair last year for this cake)
"Over the cow pastures and through the groves to Grandmother's house we go"
Sweet Potato Casserole--A Southern favorite!!!Very Short, Very Tall, Very Big, Very Small
My attempt at a Dr. Sueuss Rhyme:):)The lovely tables and a cozy fire (The cozy fire wasn't really necessary, but we had to have it just for the fun of it:) Napkin Folders:)
Mama and her mother, the lovely hostess!
"Meet Mr. Gobbles!"
Of course this picture was taken before the horrific accident that later befell our unfortunate friend....... Say what???? You haven't heard about the accident??? Everyone has, don't you know? Yep--It's been all over the news! The accident occurred while he was being washed in a load of dishes after doing his honest day's labor of holding cranberry sauce! Didn't you read the front page of the newspaper the day after Thanksgiving??? "TURKEY GETS HEAD SMASH ON THANKSGIVING DAY" It was a shocker! Oh, I cringe to think of it! Poor Mr. Gobbles was COMPLETELY DECAPITATED!!! Oh, but wait! There is a ray of sunshine! After a long, agonizing 50 seconds work with a tube of superglue, Mr. Gobbles' head was restored almost completely to it's original condition! WOW! What a story, huh?????
Most of the Thanksgiving bakers with their baked goods
My sweet Daddy and CJ:)
~Sweet Pals~Kitty and Mama Granddaddy reads the providential story of the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth, and the poem, "Five Kernels of Corn" by Hezakiah Butterworth ~Listening Intently~

More Later.......


Kitty said...

Those were WONDERFUL collards!!!!:)

And I beg to differ about the sweet potato cass. I am a proud southerner who HATES sweet potatoes!!! (Including S.P.C) However, I shall allow the rest of my poor southern relations to enjoy that er - - interesting dish. :-P

I liked your Dr. Seuess ryme. :) :)

And POOR MR. GOBBLES!!!! What a trying things for those fragile glass nerves!! I am thrilled to hear that he was mended, though. How is he doing now, the poor dear???

Well, I am headed to bed now. Thaks for the post. :)

~Theodore Roosevelt~
(To bed, that is... :-D)

The Dischers said...

It was a lovely day. Thanks for posting the lovely pictures. So timely too...just like the lovely Thanksgiving pictures posted on our blog were. ha ha

Your Mr. Gobbles breaking news story was so funny! We greatly enjoyed the whole post! It really was beautiful!

Aunt Beth
--off to bring "Mr. Roosevelt" to "Happy Dale" ho hum...

The Miller Family said...

those baked goods looked fantastic
--wiping drool off of monitor--, especially the apple pie and coffee cake (you knew that one would be a favorite for Aunt Katie )

Poor Mr. Gobbles...I'm so glad the reconstructive surgery was a success.

I love being in a family that makes off-hand comments from 1940's screwball comedies and does't have to explain the comment!

"Aunt Martha"

His Space said...

wow everything looks wonderful!
I bet it makes u feel so blessed...ur garden is looking great too

luv and miss u all very much!

Peace in christ ~ Julia grace

Another Beautiful Day said...

Hello Molly,
We'll we are back to the blogging world. It is great to catch up with everyone. Love the pictures.
Have a wonderful Christmas.
The Lains

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