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Hello! Welcome to the Stricklen's blog. We hope to keep our family and friends up to date with what is going on with our family. You will find a variety of experiences posted here -- you may find pictures of the never ending project of building our house, Callie helping William with his first steps, Mary studying a rare insect species, or perhaps you may be terribly bored with Molly's numerous fruit trees, berries, vegetables and rare plant pictures! Who knows what we may find Chris and CJ doing -- probably something having to do with a tractor or machine of sorts. Abby and Margaret will keep us entertained with costumes from other lands or a fairy story. Whatever we post, we trust it will lift your spirits and bring honor and glory to our Lord!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

What's been going on with the Stricklens???

So ......what's been going on lately? Well, actually not a whole lot -- nothing extremely exciting. But anyhow, here are some random pitures of somewhat normal life. They're probably not in order. I just posted them as I remembered:D So have fun!
~ Mary Noelle ~


Wills: "So, Kitty, how are you doing this fine day?"

Cat: "Meow..."

Wills:"Kitty? What's wrong? I asked you a question... Kitty??"

Hmmm..InterestingMe being weird...
Kitty stopped by to get ice (from our ice machine), and while she was waiting for her slave...um, I mean Pete to get the ice :):):) Abby took the privilege of "fixing" her hair.....:D
Garden Fresh Lettuce--Yum!:):)Fresh-picked cilantro, and, uhh...fresh produce - stand peppers:)Deeda with her precious kitties:)Our faithful dog, Grits
Harvest Art :)


Smile Mandy Sunshine:):):)Sweet Chelsea~Aunt Beth and Mrs. Waldman~The long-awaited day finally came--We all got to meet Isaac Joseph Waldman! He's SO sweet!
Gracie :)
Lovely Grandmother Harris!
Shy little Miriah:)
~Mama and Grandma Sue~
Dutch Blitz:) Deeda won almost every game that night!
The Twiz at work:)I just lost my 14th game:(:)
Yay! I won 1 whole game!!!!
The patriarchs in deep discussion

Posted by Mary Noelle


The Dischers said...

I love your new header photo! "Old Florida" - a charmed place in another time - I love it.

Nice picture, Mary! We also were so excited to see little Isaac! What a little chunk!

Congratulations to the "Twiz". Now you can call her the "Twiz Whiz"! ha ha

Aunt Beth

A Still Small Voice said...

Neat hairdo! She's very artistic . . .
And the kittens looked soo cute!!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Sticks!!
Oh come on, I had to say that after y'all called me Mandy Sunshine. :P
Those pics are adorable. :)
I'm so glad we finally got to meet
Isaac! :)
Mary, if you want to win a whole bunch of games of dutch blitz play with me. I'm awful at it :P :)

See y'all soon.
Mandy (cringe) Sunshine :):):)

Bonnie said...

That is a beautiful header picture! So reminiscent and nostalgic! Thanks for another peek inside the Stricklens' world --we love it!

Love, Grandmother

Mrs. Stokesies said...

Hey Mollie and Gang, Cute blog, I always enjoy your nice variety of photos. Please give Renee and her family our congratulations on the precious new addition. Also, tell enjoyed it soooo much!

Mrs. Stokesies said...

It left out part of my comment. Thank Renee for the soap, it was wonderful!

His Space said...

wow everyone is really growing up fast ( : Miss yall, luv ya

peace in christ ~ ju

The Miller Family said...

Love the pics! I can keep up with every one and see all the interesting things the Stricklens are up to.

I'm sure Deeda is reveling in her kittens!

Tell Renee congratulations on that precious baby boy!

The pictures were very artistic, whoever took them!


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