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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fishing at Granddaddy's

I am so thankful for the wonderful times our children have had with my parents over the years.
It is such a blessing that they LOVE to spend time with their grandchildren. Whether it
is my Mother teaching something to the girls in the kitchen or at the sewing machine,
or perhaps telling a story to CJ and Wills, or my Father taking the time to fish with them at their
pond or taking them out to feed the chickens, the memories they are making for the
children are irreplaceable.

My father has always loved to fish

Nice boat, Pete!


Berean Families United said...

Awesome post, Molly. You are so very blessed.
Love you lots!

The Miller Family said...

Fishing with Granddaddy is always such a special memory to my children, as well!


Bonnie said...

Such good memories!Seeing all the WARM happy faces makes me remember why I love WARM sunny Florida! (it's C-O-L-D! here in Missouri!)

We love making memories with sweet grandchildren. God has given us a blessed life. Thank you, Lord, and thank you for the special post, Molly! We miss y'all.

who is enjoying seeing
your Florida babies with us
discover all the differences
in exploring the outdoors
up here! Haven't seen the
hummingbirds yet, though,
Abigail! Do they migrate
for the winter?

Ten Swamp Dogies said...

What precious memories for sure! I love the picture of all the children fishing with granddaddy sitting on the shore. It should be in a frame.
Cherish each moment (I know you do) because you sure don't know when they won't be here anymore. We sure miss our pappa. Those pictures bring back memories of him.

Love you Molly,

Anonymous said...

Yes Grandmother,
The hummingbirds usually migrate to Florida in the wintertime.
They rarely come to central Florida though. (or at least I have never seen them here!)


Ruby-throated hummingbirds, that is.


The Dischers said...

Awww....what a sweet post. I remember that day. Thanks for posting it, Molly. Special times indeed.