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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Great Peaches! May 2009

This was our last picking of the season.  We had been enjoying all the fresh peaches we could eat for most of April and all of May.  We had to get the last of the peaches off the tree as they were ripening so fast and just falling off and being wasted.  We made lots of peach jam, put bags in the freezer and canned peaches for cobblers, etc.

We now have 3 peach trees producing peaches.  We planted this tree about 4 years ago and I think it is a "Tropic Snow". The other 2 we planted about a year ago are "Tropic Beauty" and the "U.F. Sun" (which we got a few peaches from last year.)  My Daddy was able to get some peach trees recently and gave me 6 of them!  So we will get them planted and start tending to them and really have LOADS of peaches to look forward to before we know it!

Well, we never posted these pictures and we don't have much going on right now, so we decided to put these up.  We look forward to our peaches again in about a half a year or so!

God bless you all!
The Stricklens


Amanda said...

Those peaches looked great!
It was nice spending the day with y'all today. Thanks for having us over. :)

Mandy Sunshine

The Miller Family said...

Mmmmm, mmmm! Those look absolutely wonderful, and I'm sure they tasted that way! Your tree has gotten quite large since I last saw it, but I guess things keep growing even if I'm not there!


Kelly said...


Bonnie said...

As a recipient of some of those wonderful peaches, I can vouch for their delicious-ness! And as a tree-planter (at least I ran errands for the real planters!) today, I can attest to the hard work y'all have done to make those trees so productive! Good job, Stricklens!


Ten Swamp Dogies said...

Just wondering if there's a level above "Green Thumb"? If there is, it belongs to you. We did get to enjoy a few of those delicious peaches and they were wonderful.

Great post,
The P's

The Dischers said...

Such a beautiful post, Molly!

I always loved it when the kids went to the "good ice machine" up at the Stricklens to get some ice and came home with a bag of homegrown goodies - especially when they were yummy peaches :)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Those peaches look delish! And I see you have a banana tree. I didn't even know bananas grew in the US.

We planted some apple trees years ago and all we ever ate from them was a few very small tart apples. But that's all over now. The cows got in our yard and broke them in half, they got diseased and eventually we just got rid of them.

We're not very good farmers, I guess. :)