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Friday, March 7, 2008

Junior State -- Ft. Pierce, FL

All of the cousins 8-12 years (Abigail 11, Markie 10, Benny 10 and Margaret 8) and another homeschooled friend, Andrew Stevens, attended A.C.E. Junior Convention in February at Orange Avenue Baptist Church in Ft. Pierce. It was our little Margaret's first year. Abby and Margaret did so well. We were very proud of them both and Benny and Markie as well.
Margaret shocked everyone when she won the top award of the Convention - 1st place in C.A.P. (Communication and Potential Leadership). They both have such God-given talent and they are learning to use those talents for God's glory. We had a great time there as always!

It is so amazing to see these "little" ones growing up and meeting or exceeding the steps or accomplishments of the older children who walked these paths only a few years ago. All of these children have so much potential to do great things for God's glory!

It was also such a blessing to see all the older siblings right there along side their siblings and cousins encouraging them and supporting them. Truly the multi-generational vision of my parents coming to fruition. Thank you, Lord, for my precious family.

A blessing on your head -- We are so thankful for blessed Grandmother! We couldn't do it without you!!

Grandaddy with Benny -- "The Strongest Boy in Central Florida!!"

Margaret with the top award of the competition -- 1st place in C.A.P.

Abigail was asked to do a command performance in the Rally of her Poetry Recitation, "Hat's Off! The Flag is Passing By" She did a phenomenal job.

Mrs. Carolyn with all the Little people

Grandaddy and Grandmother handle the PACE Bowl Quiz Game

3 Handsome Young Men

Margaret won First place in Female Vocal Solo

"There is a Redeemer"

Chris has been so faithful to come watch the children every year since Callie was 8!

Abby's beautiful pennywhistle solo

RG was in charge of Table Tennis

Abby and Margaret were asked to sing their Female Duet for a command performance

"Hey Margaret do you love Jesus?"

Go Twizzler!!

Handsome Matt with Wills

Grandmother and CJ cool off with some agave tea!


Next year, Andrew!

Cousins : )


Bonnie said...

Thanks for all the updates, Stricklens! I love the pictures -- even though I was at most of the events, it is nice to go back and see from someone else's viewpoint, as well as refresh those sweet memories! What a good time we have as a family!


The Miller Family said...

Thanks for the update. All of the pictures are always so enjoyable to look at!

The Discher Family said...

Well, we are so very glad to have the Stricklens back in the blogging wolrd! Those are great pictures. It will be nice to go back next year at Jr State time and look at them and remember. Everyone will look so young ;)

Love you guys!