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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Trip to Missouri

Hi, all! The Stricklens are BACK in the blog world! We will try and quickly catch you up with what we have been doing the past few months!

First off, we had a great trip to Missouri a while back. The children and I traveled with my parents and Andrew (Katie's son) in our motorhome to look at land. Our first stop was the home of a sweet family in Georgia, the Whiddons. Then we stopped at a Confederate cemetery in Mississippi. Then on to Misery, I mean Missouri (hee! hee!) Chris flew in a few days later. We stayed at a really neat place called the Rockbridge Rainbow Trout Ranch near Mountain Grove, MO. The river was beautiful and the trout delicious! The children got to go horseback riding. It was mighty cold though and we all decided Missouri was definitely not the place for us -- at least not in JANUARY!

We had a great trip!


Our Trusty Bus!

Beautiful music

And some more lovely music!


We stopped at a Confederate cemetery in MS on the way.
Callie took this great picture "Unknown Confederate Soldier"

The Little Whiddons and Little Stricklens

Brooke, Callie and Mallory -- Good Friends

All 9 of the Girls

Very good friends :)

The 2 smiley ones! Nina and Abby

All of us at the Trout Ranch eating breakfast

The Stricklens, My Mama and Daddy, and Andrew

Sweet Grandmama with Callie and Mary in the Lodge

Granddaddy and Wills by the Trout River

Chris and I

Callie and Mary freezing!:)

Andrew on the horse

Cowboy Wills!

Beautiful Callie and her favorite horse

Baby trout! Kind of gross, huh?

The Stricklen family

Yes... Callie is (trying to) ice skate on a frozen puddle!

My Daddy and I



The Pollock Family said...

WELCOME BACK FRIENDS!! We thought we had lost you forever. Molly, you look like you belong in the cold weather. It suits you. Are you sure you don't like it. Maybe you should rethink that. It looks like you had a wonderful trip, even though the "evil cold" was there to get ya.

Love you all,
Tina (Mrs. P)

The Whiddon Family said...

With all respect to Mrs. Pollock, I sincerely believe that the none of the Stricklens look even half way at home in the frozen north. Of course they belong in the sunny South! Ya'll already persuaded the Dischers, you can't have the Stricklens too!! :)
Mallory for the Whiddons