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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our Memories from Brooksville

I know MUCH has been said and posted about the GREAT event!! No, I'm not talking about the reenactment!! The other great event -- the beginning of the courtship of Anna Kathleen Discher and Ben Gabriel Pollock. I also realize that it happened 2 months ago -- but we have some pictures (not all having to do with the courtship -- just sweet pics of everyone) that we just have to share from that day.
It was a joyful day for all of us. Enough said.


The Stricklen Family

Callie - 16

Mary - 14

Mama and CJ

Real Men!!

Hmmm... There must be something very interesting over there! Some of the Miller Clan

The little Mother :)

The Happy couple - almost 20 years later


The sweet Sykes Family

Anna is relaxing

Good Friends

Is that good Willie?

More Good Friends

Great smile, Callie!

Hmmm... see anything interesting yet?

The Confederate icon

The lovely ladies of leisure

Sweet Cousins

Now this is the most precious picture -- these 2 boys pushed Abby's wheelchair a LONG way. They didn't quit even when they were tired. Future men of God with such character! They were her TRUE FRIENDS!

Aunt Katie is so much fun!


How sweet!

In the heat of the battle

The whole gang!


Bonnie said...

That was a wonderful day, wasn't it, Stricklens! We missed being there for the big announcement, but it looks like it was very special. And everyone looks so sweet in their period dress. (Well, the ladies look so sweet -- the men look so . . . ummm . . . rugged, that's it!)

Kitty and Gabriel will be such a wonderful "first fruits" for the next generation of godly faithfulness. May the Lord bless them richly.

PS: Oh, I wanted to say I agree with the preciousness of the picture of two friends giving of themselves to help Abby enjoy the day, too.

Tina said...

I am sooo glad the stricklens are back in the blogging world!! I always enjoy your pix, so keep it up and don't disappear on us, o.k.?

We could replay the day at Brooksville over and over again, what an extra special day that was, but I'm sure there will be lots more to come!!

Love ya'll,