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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Father Daughter Retreat at Callaway Gardens

"Daddy, I really enjoyed the FDR. Thank you so much for taking us! The sermons were good. My favorite part was probably the games. I also greatly enjoyed the bike ride through Callaway Gardens with the Whiddons. The whole thing was fun and I'm so glad I got to spend the weekend with you and my sisters. I love you!" Callie

"Daddy, Thank you for all the time and effort you put into making our lives more enjoyable and fulfilling. I enjoyed getting to know you better and especially seeing you jump rope! I love you, Daddy!" Mary

"Daddy, the FDR was a wonderful experience! I learned alot. I appreciated it when they explained the meaning of giving your heart fully to your Father while you are under his roof. My favorite part was the High Tea -- it was so fun to see you in your tea party manners! I love you!"

"Daddy, Thank you for taking us to the Retreat. I enjoyed our special time with you. My favorite sermon was about the Proverbs 31 woman. My favorite place to go was probably the Butterfly Garden. I loved the High Tea also. I hope we can go next year! I love you, Daddy!"


Just arriving!!

The Father Daughter Unity Games

Learning to trust your father -- they had to follow his verbal instructions and do an obstacle course blind folded

"Do I really have to do this?"

"YES - you DO!!" A good team!
You had to listen to your fathers voice - no looking at the rope
When he said "Jump" that's when you jumped!
The Twiz at FDR
Anyone for a game of croquet??
Daddy won the game :)

Picnic on the grounds

The Stricklen Girls and their Daddy at the "High Tea"
They each got a lovely tea cup to bring home

Father Daughter Retreat 2008

Bicycling through Callaway Gardens

A lovely Dogwood behind us
What beautiful azaleas! (And a mighty cute little boy, too!)
Mallory was always available to hold William!
Chris with Brent Whiddon and a new friend Mr. LaTorre (This is probably not spelled right)

In a beautiful memorial chapel on the bike trail
Laney and Mary

How sweet :)
CJ was supposed to be "helping" Margaret off the rocks, but got a little over zealous!

Emily, Brooke and Callie

In the Butterfly Gardens


Cute, cute, cute!!

Margaret with "Florida Azaleas"

CJ in Mr. Cason's Vegetable Garden

Chris and Molly after almost 20 years!


Dischers said...

Oh! Everyone looks so beautiful (sorry Chris, I mean um...nice) It looks like the girls had a very special time with their daddy. What a blessing!

Tina said...

How exciting!! Molly, how did you like the gardens?? Looks like y'all had a super time. I've always loved those gardens when I was growing up, I'd love to go back.

Look forward to seeing y'all REAL soon, it's been too long.

Love ya,

Kelly said...

Looks like ya'll had a fun time! The gardens are so beautiful... and so are your girls!!

Chris...we are impressed with how high you can jump a jump rope!!Wow!!

The Stevens

Bonnie said...

What wonderful pictures! And the girls' heartfelt expressions of love to their daddy were precious. I know it was a wonderful, strengthening time for father and daughters. Thanks for sharing it with us.


His Space said...

I'm glad all of yall were able to make this trip ( : the girls will always have these beautiful memories.

luv ya, peace in christ ~ julia