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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wild Blackberry Picking at Grandmother's

On Friday evening we had such a nice time in the "Enchanted Forest" as the children call it. We picked some early blackberries at my parent's wild blackberry patch out in their woods. The Dischers and G & G joined us. I have been fascinated with every kind of berry since I was young. I have attempted to grow everything from the yellow raspberry to the mulberry -- some with more success than others! But no one can do it like our Creator -- those wild blackberries just thrive in their natural surroundings!! I just love everything about them -- especially the white blossom of the blackberry! We had a blessed time with our dear family. How we realize the time we have taken for granted only when it may not be ours in the near future. We went back to Mama's and I made some blackberry crumble (?? it had a crumb topping :) Mary and Sarah made some blackberry fillo. They were delicious! I thank the Lord for the wonderful memories we can make while our family is still here! We are praying and trusting the Lord for many more!

Little Tubber discovers blackberry thorns

The three amigos

Smile, Eddie!

(yes - Peter is posing for his Aunt! and CJ knows the drill)Can I have a ride?
"I'll take that one riiiight there "
I thought this log was particularly pretty

Callie and Sarah just loved the natural arch of this wild grape vine
Sweet cousins - Best of friends

Forever friends :)

My Daddy -- Always enjoying God's creation

The eldest and quite lovely
My little Deeda She's so sweet!
Not so easy picking while lugging the little rascals around

The sun is setting -- it is time to head back

Enjoying the fruits of our labor :)
Hmm, what's this I see? Some drops of java left here just for me
Guzzle, Guzzle, Guzzle
I think I got away with it -- anybody looking??
Can you say - HAMBONE??
Yum - Yum

And a little more, please
Alright, enough with the pictures!


The Pollock Family said...

Little Wills is the cutest !! I laughed out loud with your comments "anybody looking"?? So funny!! Great pic of you and Beth and the littles. And Yes, Mary is Sweet!! and so are the rest of your precious children.

I miss you all,
Java Momma (Wills, do you have some java left for me)??

The Pollock Family said...
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Dischers said...

What a nice post, Molly! Thanks! I agree, we need to take the moments we have and enjoy them as gifts from our Heavenly Father. He provides such beautiful gifts!That was a very nice evening.

What a stinker that little Wills is!!!


Bonnie said...

That was a sweet afternoon and evening, even though I wasn't out there for long! The children are so good at finding the berries, and there seem to be plenty more yet to ripen, so I am hoping we will have another crisp or two this season. Maybe there will be enough to put into the freezer, especially if we ask the neighbor about his woods! Now for some good, hard rain!

You are very "contemplative", Molly, and it is not a bad thing. If we contemplate more now, we won't regret missed opportunities later. I love you.

Love, your mother

His Space said...

aww looks like yall had fun...i tryed pickin today but i had to leave cuz i was getting eatin alive.

luv ya peace in Christ