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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day!

On Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day. We had a great time together! The mothers, (and Grandaddy Kitty.) played Croquet while the rest of us (Mary(me), Grace, Sarah, Callie, and Pete, and bunches of little kids) used a tarp with a string tied to each side, to make a parachute sort of thing, and it pulled us in the wagon with wind power! It was so windy, that our sail even pulled the golf cart! Peter wanted to make sure we all knew that it was his idea, so us girls don't take all the credit! As we whizzed down Estes Road, the few people who live near us were congregated on thier porch watching what we consider fun--I'm sure we looked crazy! Also, another treat was that Grandma Harris joined us! That was such a treat!!! Happy Mother's Day, Mothers--We love you!!!

Mama reading her Mother's Day card from us

Mama and us!
Gma Harris was telling stories!

The Mamas
Anyone for Croquet???
Gmamma and her Daughters

Granddaddy joined the game!

So did Kitty!

Note: I'm sure Sarah would have me tell you that she was only wearing pants because she was about to go swimming, when the mothers captured her, and appointed her "Picture Taker"

Mama takes a shot!
Mother and Son

This is Sarah in the wagon "Parasailing down the road!

(Your'e probably wondering why you hear mama talking in the background--That's because I can't figure out how to put video from the DVD recorder onto a blog post, so I played it on the computer, and recorded it with a regular camera, so you can't hear the real sound--If you could, Sarah would be screaming, It's really funny! )

Posted by: Mary Noelle

1 comment:

The Discher Family said...

You were not supposed to post any pics with me in my swimming attire in them. :/ :) Tut tut
The wagon and tarp was fun!! Yes, your neighbors must have thought we were absoulutely nuts. But...who cares? ;)
It was a fun day all in all.
Love ya!