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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Alafia River Rendezvous


Faces full of anticipation!

It's another exciting trip to the Alafia River Rendezvous!
We were blessed with another beautiful, sunny day!
Mandy Sunshine, Adam, their Mama and Grandmama gave us
some pleasant company for part of the day

Such beautiful smiles :))

So much to do and so much to see....
OK ~ Where's the sarsparilly counter?

~Making music~

We were treated to a couple of bagpipers....

They were both great and we thoroughly enjoyed it!

A family that played bluegrass and folk music.
They were good too!

We saw Colonial Sourdough bread being made
and baked in this authentic earthen oven!

This same young man was the bread baker!

And most importantly --

We came upon a treasure trove
of wonderful reenactment style
fabrics for a GREAT price!

Aren't they lovely???!!!

Abby already has plans for a dress for
the Reformation 500 in July!

Margaret with her treasured fabric

"What's so funny??" Wills asks
"My sisters have lost it!"

OK - CJ is definitely bored
Bored with fabric they find amusement with each other

OK ~ Now for the REAL MEN stuff....

CJ has found his place to shop! This is what I came for!!

"I'll take 3, please"

Thank the Lord for these good times we can have together.

We are so blessed :)

Posted by: Mama


Whiddon Family said...

In this economy, looks like an earthen oven would be very useful!!:-)
Hahaha! The picture of "CJ is bored" is hilarious! Bless his heart.
Such good pictures y'all take! Thank y'all for posting!

The Miller Family said...

That bread looked delicious! I hope y'all had a great time at the rendezvous, it's always such fun to go there.

The fabric looked like a great deal!


The Pollock Family said...

Looks like another fun day with the Stricklens, enjoying the outdoors, your favorite thing to do. I love that oven, we'll have to figure out how to make one. (Just one more project added to the loooong list)! Glad you had fun.

Miss ya,
Mrs. P

Anonymous said...

By "We were treated to a couple of bagpipers" you really meant
"We were tortured by a couple of bagpipers" ...right? ;)
I guess they weren't so bad..

It was a fun day (when my brother wasn't dragging me off kilt shopping that is).
Thanks for posting. :)

Mandy Sunshine :)

Kitty said...

Looks like it was anoth wonderful Rendevous. :o) And I'm so glad ya'll found those fabrics!!!!


Mr.Special said...

Looks like Ya'll had a good time at the Rendezvous this year. We kinda broke tradition by not going to it. Well, see ya'll.


Bonnie said...

What fun I have had catching up with your sweet posts after getting back home! It looks like the weather was beautiful (while we were freezing in Missouri!) It seems the weather is always cold for the rendezvous and the state fair, but this year, Wills is barefooted!

And (to comment on the other post) those "goat boys" are such cute "kids"! Margaret Annie always looks elegant (unless she is tumbling around in the yard or something!). So glad to be home with y'all -- Clearly Seen is being updated as we speak!


postmodern redneck said...

Glad you enjoyed the rendezvous. We've camped there for years. I'm sure you saw us because you took a picture of my sign--"Grumpy's Dutch Oven Bake Shoppe." At the Alafia, I'm Grumpy, at least some of the time. On Blogspot, I'm Postmodern Redneck. Thanks for the free advertising, anyway.