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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Days at Home

It's good to be alive and well and serving the LORD!!

Jumping for JOY!!

~~~~Mr. Fix It~~~~

He has all his tools

He repairs stairs...

And lawnmowers....

He EVEN fixes toilets!!

What's blossoming?
A few things :)

Apple Trees



Plum Trees

Blossoming into a lovely young lady

Peach Trees
We have 3 varieties this year!

Navel Oranges


Brussel Sprouts and more Cabbage

Brussel Sprouts!

Callie's "Sea Island" Cotton plant
(She's in charge of the cotton growing trials)

The Quest for Friendship
By William Pearce Stricklen

Here Kitty, Kitty! Will you play with me?

I'm really nice to cats. I'll give you LOTS of cat food!
I'll dump CUPFULS in your dish!

Do ya like weeds?

Leaving so soon??

++++++ Contemplation ++++++


~~~ One Busy Boy ~~~

Mmmm, I think I'll help myself to a little tea!

Central Florida Rednecks (Don't ask!)
Dressed, posed and photographed
by Abby
CJ's expression is really quite revolting!

Playing with kitty

Riding horsy Climbing through fences

Tired baby :)

**** Visitors at Home ****

Kitty is always a welcome visitor when she comes to fetch
ice for her family

Please stay a while, Sarah!
Yes we have plenty..... This will allow for about 20 minutes of
good conversation!
What could be on Gracie's mind?

They just LOVE Pete!

Callie is busy putting her new commercial Singer to good use

The finished product - Callie is making matching dresses
for all 4 girls for this year's Father Daughter Retreat :)

Chris welding ~ He put sides on his dump trailer

Our water tank overflowing

Water is a beautiful thing - I thank the Lord every day
for clean, wonderful water!

The orange tree by Chris' office
A beautiful Central Florida sunset


Good night and God bless each of you!
Posted by: Mama


Kitty said...

Oh my! What a post!! :o)

Oh Mr. Fix-It was just adorable! Yes he knows it, too. :-P

Those were some beautiful blossoms! My favorite is - of course - the Orange Blossoms!!! I wait eagerly every year for them to come out! Every morning I go out and pick some. :o)

I love the picture of CJ on the fence! Great shot! And my oh my!! That redneck picture! Oh mercy! They were DISCUSTINGLY perfect!

And yes it's always a pleasure to run up to the Stricklens for ice and/or water. :o) Pete and I look forward to it every day or two - however long we've held out. :-P

Callie, that was a beautiful dress!! And Abby, you look lovely in it. :-)


The Graves said...

We agree on all that Kitty said about your post...it was awesome...except for the ice part!!

So glad to see everyone happy and healthy and serving the Lord!!

Much Love,
The Graves Family

The Miller Family said...

That was a great set of pictures! The one of C.J. on the fence was precious.(I'm sure he'll appreciate that comment)

The pictures with William and the cat were adorable! Everyone should have a cat for a friend.

The Central FL redneck picture...deja vous of the Polk County Youth Fair. AAAAAAGH!

Abby looked lovely and Callie has become quite an accomplished seamstress!


Whiddon Family said...

Y'all are so funny with your blog!!
The first picture of Deeda "jumping for joy" is hilarious! "Mr. Fix it" is so cute!!! Abby's dress is beautiful~ great job Callie!!! They're all such good pictures!


Kitty said...

Oh, what a sweet post! Well, sweet to Grandmother, who loves happy home memories -- and those children will have lots of those!
All the blooming things are just beautiful, and let me tell you, the lettuce, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts are delicious, too!

Someday, Willie is going to ask why he had so many pictures on the blog. "Well, because you are adored by your family, of course!" will be the answer! The rednecks are my favorite, although I would have preferred to see them in shirts, for Pete's sake!!

Love it.

Love, Grandmother/Mama
Who is posting under Kitty's name, rather than go through the hassle of changing names. Kitty, you have been caught on my computer!
(You know I don't mind, don't you?)