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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Reformation 500 Part 4

Here, finally, is the last post on the Reformation 500. Sorry it's taken us so incredibly long to get it up! Our computer has been having major issues, thus making it quite difficult to post. ("Yeah!" you're probably thinking, "That's what they all say!;) Anyways, here is the last post from our wonderful, blessed trip to Boston! We were so blessed to be able to be there to celebrate the birthday of John Calvin, a man who influenced the founding of America so greatly through his dedication to the Lord, and to the spreading of the Gospel. Praise the Lord for men like Mr. Calvin who were...."not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ...." 
~Mary Noelle~
 We finally made it to Boston! This is an exact replica of the Liberty Bell
It was in the lobby of the hotel courtesy of Vision Forum
 All ready for Day 1 of our great Boston adventure!
This little cowboy is ready to go!
A sweet big brother:):)
The Boston Public Gardens
Oooohhh, I just HAVE to touch one!!!
 My adorable little siblings
 We obviously thought these flowers were really cute!
Here we all are except Grandmother who was at the hotel
She did make it over here to the gardens later, though.
It was uncommonly pretty for being stuck right smack in the middle of downtown Boston!
A lovely lady
And my lovely parents:):)
The Castle 
 Later, Granddaddy took us to "The Castle" in downtown Boston, and we had a peek inside:)
"I could have danced all night........"
"I could have danced all night........"
Granddaddy enjoyed looking at the architecture of the building. We went to the basement, and all the way to the top balcony! Fun, fun!!:)
It looked really neat from the top balcony!
These winding stairs were pretty neat:)
This is too funny:):)
Our little country boy goes to the big city!
Daddy was so faithful in getting us around Boston without getting lost!
 The grand hallway leading to our room
These pics are courtesy of Gma Sue who had a camera at the time that we were trying to get  ready. It was quite humorous, I have to say--Everyone frantically trying to get ready so that we weren't late. I am usually the designated hair-fixer, and all around "Does this look alright?" inspector, so when everybody was walking out the door, I found that I hadn't finished fixing my hair, or even finished getting dressed. It was pretty funny:):)

We finally made it to
BOSTON in Costume!!!
In front of the "Liberty Bell"
We must have looked pretty funny tromping around downtown Boston all decked out like this:)
Quite lovely in the fancy, old fashioned Boston Park Plaza Hotel!
We had such a fun time with Grandmama!
 Ok, everyone look here for a picture!
Come on, open your eyes, silly!
Thanks, y'all!   
I love the chandeliers!
All of the costumes were lovely
Getting "Idelette Calvin's" autograph
Oohh.....It's a little scottish angel:)

We were privileged to hear some WONDERFUL speakers. 
All of these men of God are on fire for the Lord. We were incredibly blessed to be there to learn from them about great men of God like John Knox, John Calvin, Martin Luther, and many, many others who so greatly influenced Christianity, and sparked the Reformation across the world. These men were also very instrumental in the Christian founding of our country and our Biblically-based system of government. Our Founding Fathers were influenced greatly by the Reformer's writings and the legacy they left behind them.
"George Washington" made his appearance at the Reformation 500. He was wonderful, and all of his speeches were amazing. George Washington truly was a great man used of God!
 We were privileged to hear Charlie Zahm sing and play almost every night. Later, Tad Marx, an amazing fiddle player joined him. 
 Mr. Joe Morecraft is one of my absolute favorite speakers. He is a great speaker, and is so knowledgeable! He sure does challenge you to know your history!
 We were so glad Grandma Sue came along!!!

Personally, I think this picture is pretty neat, but Mama thinks it looks like a funeral home. I guess you can decide for yourself;)
The Boston Park Plaza Hotel was quite exquisite.
 Here they are setting tables for the afternoon high tea
 We went on a Faith and Freedom Tour with Mr. Serven on day 2. We visited paul Revere's Statue, the Old North Church, and Copp's Hill. Boston is just jam packed with history!
 A faithful Patriarch
In front of the Old North Church
A bust of George Washington inside the Old North Church.
 Marquis de Lafayette said that this was the closest likeness to him that he had ever seen! If youv'e ever wondered what what George washington looked like, I guess this is as close as you're gonna get:)
Copp's Hill
We thought this butcher's shop was interesting. Not something you see very often
Lots of interesting buildings
(Not that cigars are interesting or anything, but just cause it's an old building:) 
 After a long day,we relaxed a while in Granddaddy and Grandmama's hotel room........
 ........Well, Margaret and CJ cut out doors and windows in a cardboard box and made themselves a "fort".......
.......Abby read the funny pages.....
          .....Callie sat in a corner and smiled.........    

.......And yes, I hate to admit it, but I rode around the room in Grandmama's wheelchair.(Hey, I'm not the only one--The wheelchair is the prized seat by all Frodge grandchildren:)
I guess if you think about  it, Granddaddy and Will are the only ones who actually relaxed!
On our way to the food court to have lunch after hearing some more great speakers on Day 3!
After lunch conversation
Later on Day 3, we went on a Faith and Freedom Tour with Dr. Marshall Foster to the USS Constitution.
Dr. Marshall Foster 
Us with the Olsen Girls at the USS Constitution
The USS Constitution
There was also another ship, a modern one, that we got to tour
 This is the only place around there where there was actually grass growing:)
I thought this was pretty funny:)
Alright y'all--I am about to fall asleep sitting right where I am, so I think you'll have to forgive me for saying this is "The last post." Later (I can't exactly promise when) I will Lord willing finish this post! 


For God's Glory!!! said...

Hey You All!!
What a neat post. I really love the picture of Chris and Molly in the first part...you need to frame it and put it up in your home!!
Looks like you all had a great time. Such precious family memories!!
Have a good one!
The Graves

Jason and Ashley said...

Love the pictures! Whoever takes these is quite a talented photographer. I especially love the black and white ones! We miss you all and wish we could see you this time!


Kelly said...

It's great to see photos of your "adventure" to Boston. What a fun family time! Love the photo of "The Little Cowboy" looking out the window!


The Miller Family said...

Well, Mary, I think you did a wonderful job of sharing your trip to Boston with the rest of us! Lots of pictures are always a good idea.

I agree with Kelly, the cowboy looking out the window was great!

However, the most amazing oddity of this post was the fact that numerous pictures showed y'all in long sleeves, sweaters or jackets
IN JULY!!!!! Now that's crazy talk!

Aunt Katie


Yeah, it rained alot of the the time we were up there, but the last day was nice. It is a crazy thought, though. Sweaters in July!! The "natives" said that the weather was pretty unusual for July, though.

Whiddon Family said...

My goodness! Boston is huge. Looks like y'all had alot of fun. Ha! The country boy in the city is funny. Poor thing. ;-)
Everybody's costumes look very nice. Ha, a "scottish angel".
Oh, so we're not the only ones who like to wheel around in our G'ma's wheelchair for amusment. I guess if you had to use it- it'd really loose it's fun.
Y'all took a bunch of good pictures. Thank you Mary for posting them!


Bonnie said...

It is so neat to get online here in Missouri at Uncle Jason's and see the sweet Stricklens we are missing so much! Thanks, Mary, for the good memories -- we wish you could be here!

We love you,

Grandmother and Granddaddy

Kitty said...

Looks like yall had a blast. :) I enjoyed seeing the pictures again. I'm still waiting for that video of Willie P shouting, "NO KING BUT KING JESUS!" and "FOR CHRIST AND KIRK!" :) :) :-D