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Monday, August 17, 2009

Reformation 500 Part 5

~Day 3 at the Reformation 500~
An adorable little boy having fun at the Reformation 500!
On the evening of Day 3, Charlie Zahm and Tad Marks sing and play "Blacksmith of Brandywine," "Wabash Cannonball," "Dixie," and alot of others.
Mr. Phillips is quite talented on the harmonica!
And now.....(drum rolls, please........) The Boxing Match of The Millennium!  
With John Calvin......... versus........
Charles Darwin!
It was really great! Definitely a well thought-out program. We enjoyed it immensely, and learned a huge amount!

~ July 4th and The Children's Parade~
The parade is about to begin!
Little Scottish Covanentors:)

This little Scottish Covanentor couldn't keep up with the parade:)
I love this hat--I almost made one like it for myself:)
Lots of people!
Lots of lovely young ladies!
And lots of great costumes and reenactors!
We had to cross the street in downtown Boston, so.....
...They stopped the traffic so that we could all cross:)
After we made it back in the hotel.......
We got our picture taken with Charlie Zahm:)
C.J. treasured the sword that someone graciously let him use!
The McIntire brothers

Finally, the ringing of the Liberty Bell in commemoration of Independence Day!
Me, Abby, and Callie with Emily Case and Lauren Hope
Mama and Mrs.Case
This was the saddest thing ever.....Cleaning up after everyone was gone. GONE??? How could this be???? No,this can't be happening! Already, the Reformation 500 OVER??? After we waited SO long for it to come, it was all over just like that! Nevertheless,we are so incredibly grateful that we were able to attend, as short as it seemed, we learned so much, were strengthened in our faith, and greatly encouraged! It's always the most exciting thing meeting other people that are so much like you--You just don't want to leave!
But--leaving time came, and why not take it with a good attitude??
Wills had a very good lunch!
Very, very good:D
So did we.......
.....And so did they:)........
......And everyone else!
Time to hit the sidewalk--Down to the Boston Commons to see the fireworks display and hear the Boston Pops play!
I about jumped off of the sidewalk when I turned the corner and saw this thing coming at me! It was a monster--I'd love to have one of these protecting our house! I doubt any thieves would be feeling very courageous after taking one look:)
An interesting plaque on a church
The Charles River
  Trying to converse with the sun in my eyes.
Eventually, I figured out that if I turned sideways, that would fix my problem:):)
"Here's my business card":):)
 Willie passed the time by.....um, picking the grass and sprinkling it on himself.....??
 Abby and Lauren Axberg
Finally, after many hours of waiting, the Boston Pops played, and we saw the fireworks display!
This wasn't actually the view we had during the concert, they got this picture as they were leaving. (I left early, because this Florida girl was FREEZING!!! I can handle any amount of heat, but not cold!!!)
 ~My very lovely parents~
 The fireworks were amazing! The biggest I've ever seen, and the loudest! I watched them from the top floor of the hotel, and the windows were shaking cause it was so loud. They sounded like bombs going off!
Well, folks, I believe that is the last of our pictures from the Reformation 500! I hope y'all have enjoyed them!
~Plymouth Rock~

We stopped by Plymouth Rock before heading home
"This monument marks the first burying ground in Plymouth of the passengers of the Mayflower"
 Plymouth Rock Monument
 Though I am aware of the great historical significance of Plymouth Rock, I must admit that as Mr. Serven said, "It is a very "underwhelming" experience:)
 The Three Amigos in front of a replica of the Mayflower
Well, that is definitely all, folks! We didn't even take any pictures on the way home!
God Bless!
~Mary Noelle~


The Miller Family said...

Very, very nice ending to what was obviously a very nice trip. You took wonderful pictures that let us share this fantastic time of fellowship y'all had in Boston!

Aunt Katie

Amanda said...

Great pictures!
Thanks for taking so much time to share them with us. :)
Those fireworks looked awesome! :D
See ya soon!

Mandy Sunshine