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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trip To The Beach

Our humble abode:):)

Searching for shells
CJ's crab

He claims that he's Roy Rogers:)

 My Florida snowman:) He even has hair! Haha
  Abby made a castle with tile floors made of shells
  The water was so pretty:)


 Willie was constantly washing off, and then rolling around in the sand, and washing off again......and so on:):)

 Welcome to our beach house:)
 There is a lovely view from here

 An Osprey, I think.....(Abby??A little help???)
 Notice the approaching storm
 The seagrapes make nice shade

 "Let's go fly a kite....."
 Skip-bo, anyone???? I used to love playing this with Grandmama when I went with her and Granddaddy on jobs:)

 A willing helper
 "Move over, CJ! You're squishing me!!!
 Callie taking advantage of her internet access:):)

I love taking pictures of the sunset over the ocean!


  CJ proudly showing the camera his fish:)

Well, thank y'all for stopping by!!!!

 ~Posted by Mary~


Bonnie said...

What a WONDERFUL place! I am so glad you got to get away and relax -- it certainly was a beautiful place to do that! The view is lovely and peaceful, and the activities are just right -- who needs amusement parks??

You know, Wills is going to hate you one day for those "Roy Rogers" pictures! But he is adorable. And so are the swim dresses! They are perfect and tropical -- where did you get them?

Way to go, CJ! You caught as many fish as the boys in MO on their fishing morning with Granddaddy. (Mary, nice to see you getting too many "d"s in Granddaddy rather than too few!)

Well, thanks for letting us share your wonderful time at the beach -- we missed you all so much, but are glad you had this sweet time together.

who is happy to be
back in
Beautiful Florida

Kelly said...

Looks like ya'll had a great time. I love the girls swimsuits! :o)


Amanda said...

What fun! :)
I love the sunset pics, and the last one of y'all. Glad you were able to enjoy the beach without too many storms. :)

(Who is thrilled to have her "cousins" home!)


Thank y'all for commenting! Glad you enjoyed the pics:) Grandmama--Thank you for pointing out the over-abundance of Ds in "Granddaddy." I fixed it:):) We got our swimsuits from SwimModest. Mandy-- Thanks SOOOOOOOO much for taking care our animals while we were gone!!!! Glad to be back to see our "cousin!!!!" (You know ya'll need ice:)


Matthew said...

love the snowman... :)

The Miller Family said...

Oh, the beach and beach house look so wonderfully Florida! I think we will have to make a trip to Englewood someday!

Love all the modest swimsuits, very cute, tropical and modest!

I think the sillhouette of everyone fishing against the backdrop of the ocean was just beautiful and precious.


Jason and Ashley said...

Great beach pictures! Oh, how I miss the beach! I just love the family photo at the end! Glad you all had a wonderful time, we sure missed seeing you here in MO, maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

Your snowman is so cute!

Amy B. said...

Great pictures!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time on your beach vacation! We miss all of you very much!