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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Best Gift

Today was my 41st Birthday -- woo, hoo!!!  I was very busy doing payroll, tax preparations, paying bills and getting ready for our big trip to Boston.  But during the day I took some time to reflect on the events of the day.  The best gift a person can receive is a godly family.  I am so blessed by the Lord for giving me the precious family that I have.  No material gift could bring me the joy that I experienced today just being me!

The day started out with each of my precious children giving me a hug and saying, "Happy Birthday, Mama!" Even little Wills was coaxed into it with his sisters prompting. I received phone calls from all my siblings, both my parents, and my mother in law.  I got another call from my sweet nieces and nephew who sang "Happy Birthday" to me! I almost teared up while they sang because of their thoughfulness.  I recognized each unique voice of these children I have known and loved for so many years, but I thought "Hey!  This is a happy occasion! NO TEARS!!"

My dear children made me the breakfast of my choice, made special cards and notes, a batch of cookies I requested,  as well as watching William for me while my husband took me out for lunch :)
Then most of the Discher family paid me a visit tonight with a gift and some precious fellowship.
I am truly blessed with these sweet and thoughtful loved ones. 
Just being thought of on my "special" day and being appreciated in that way means so much to me.
I thank the Lord every day for this wonderful family!

Posted by: Mama Stricklen
(My Mama may be the only one who recognizes the post time as a familiar one!)


For God's Glory!!! said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOLLY!!! So glad to hear that you had a great birthday. Hope this 41st year is a wonderful one!!
God Bless!!
Tracy for the Graves

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday to our sweet second daughter! Yes, I remember that time you posted -- the time you were born!! When we went to the hospital, I could not imagine any baby of mine being different from your older sister, Beth. But how different you were! In fact, if I had not seen you born with my own eyes, I might have thought they brought me the wrong baby!

She was rowdy and perky -- you were calm and serene; she was practically bald up to a year old -- you had a head full of black hair from birth. The nurses loved to play with it and put bows in it (something I still couldn't get to work for Beth's hair at age 1!).

She was not easily placated (a kinder word for "fussy" -- or maybe "easily distracted"!) -- you were content just sitting and sitting in your Daddy's lap, or resting on your Mama's shoulder. Of course, the story is legend now about how you squeaked when you breathed in your sleep, thus "Molly Mouse".

What a blessing you brought to our lives, Molly! You rounded out our family. You were adored by your big sissie and everyone who knew you. We love you, Daughter, and are so proud of the wonderful woman of God you have become!

Mother and Daddy

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday to my dear friend Molly!


The Miller Family said...

Happy birthday, sweet sissie! I hope you had a wonderful day!


Jason and Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Molly! I hope you had a wonderful day!

The Dischers said...

What a sweet sweet post. I love you and am glad your birthday was special.


The Dischers said...

Oh - I meant to sign that comment "Beth - the bad one" We all know that's what Mama really meant ;/

ha ha

-- the bad one