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Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Completed Reformation Costumes!!!

Here are our first, finally completed (WHEW!!!) costumes for the Reformation 500 in Boston!
CJ--A brave Scottish Covanentor
(and a mighty cute one at that!)
"For Christ and Kirk!!!"
Abby-- A lovely Scottish Maiden
Posted by Mary Noelle


Anonymous said...

What a talented seamstress. These are wonderful! My hat off to anyone who can tackle a job like this. I'm still a newbie. :)

Elisabeth in Arizon
(I met the Discher's at the Jamestown 400)

Amanda* said...

Wow! They look great. :)
I hope Adam doesn't see this post. He will want me to make him a kilt! (Actually he already does, but this will remind him!) Good job!


The Dischers said...

Mary, the costumes are wonderful! Are these ones that you personally made?

I LOVE the little kilt outfit with the feather in the tam! I am so proud of you girls and all your hard work! It will be so worth it when you get to march in that parade!

Aunt Beth
--who sure wishes she could be there in person!

Bonnie said...

Mary, I love these costumes! CJ does a "braw" job of posing to show off his costume! (That according to "wee Geordie!") And Abby is so sweet in hers! Good job, Stricklen maidens -- I am looking forward to seeing the others. Hope no one stays up too late finishing them!

And, Elisabeth, even though their mama isn't a seamstress, she sure does some creative thrift shop shopping to find those perfect "accessories" like the leather belt and bag, etc.!

Aunt Beth, we are going to miss y'all, but that wee bairn (who just may make his/her appearance while we are gone!) will be worth missing the trip!

who is doing good to
get to Reformation 500,
and will not be in costume!


Callie made CJ's, William's, Margaret's and her own costume.
Mary made her own and Abby's.
I may not be a seamstress officially, but I have put my time in helping my girls learn by trial and error!
Yes, we do love the thrift stores and garage sales for those neat little extras that just "make" a costume.
Thanks for the compliments. You are all very sweet!
It will be nice to have the household back to normal (in otherwords not hearing a sewing machine buzzing, or seeing a measuring tape out!)
I, as well, am VERY proud of the job the girls did and the perseverence they showed to finish these projects.
They actually completed each quickly, there were just so many!


Kelly said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip!

The Miller Family said...

The costumes are wonderful! When do we get to see pictures of the rest?

Please post pictures while y'all are in Boston, so we can live vicariously through y'all!

Girls, I am so very impressed with your hard work and diligence. Your seamstress abilities will be a valuable asset to your future families.

Have a great time in Boston!

Aunt Katie