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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mother's Day Pictures

We had a lovely Mother's Day at our house. After church we were honored to have my Mother and Grandmother and Chris' Mother along with the Dischers join us for a wonderful lunch.
It was such a pleasant and peaceful day. We posted earlier on Mother's Day, (http://thestricklenfamily.blogspot.com/2009/05/happy-mothers-day.html but here are some nice pictures of the day.

My wonderful Mother, Bonnie Frodge, with
her Gardenia bush we got her. It is now
planted in her lovely yard!

4 generations

My sweet husband and children
got me a pink flowering Tab Tree
to complement the yellow one
already in the Butterfly Garden

Chris and CJ waiting to surprise
his mother

Here she is!
She wasn't appreciating the camera
at this moment!
There is alot to this story
I think she is laughing and crying at the same time!

This Magnolia tree means an awful lot to Susan.
Ask her to tell you about it! I think she would kill me
if I posted what happened to her first one she had
growing in her yard!


Jason and Ashley said...

I love the picture of you Molly with the kids, what a great picture! Looks like you all had a nice Mother's Day.

Bonnie said...

What sweet pictures! It was a wonderful day -- I am so blessed to have honoring children. And I love the pictures of Susan's surprise! That tree is beautiful. I know she loves it.

The Miller Family said...

Now my curiosity is piqued. What is the story of Susan's magnolia???

I guess I'll have to ask her myself to find out!


Susan said...

OKAY! Here's what happened. Molly had given me a little magnolia about 2 years ago which I had faithfully nurtured. It was lovely and had 6 gorgeous blooms and people were bragging on it. So I went home after church one day and mowed my yard, got too close to my precious tree and in panic mode, thought I was in reverse, instead sat there as I watched my little tree look like it was in a wood chipper!. I cried, called Molly crying, and proceeded into depression, so Chris and Molly got me this beautiful tree for Mothers Day. Of course if you know me, you know I don't like my picture taken, so here you go--real true surprise. Anyway I LOVE my new tree

Anonymous said...

Hello Strickland Family,
I saw your comment on the Power's blog. Will you be going to Boston?
The Hope Family


Yes, Mrs. Hope. We will be there and are anxiously awaiting the trip!!

Mrs. Stricklen

The Dischers said...

What great pictures! I am so glad you had such a blessed day, Molly :)

Susan, that picture of you is so great! You look truly surprised! I can totally understand your disappointment about mowing your tree down! 2 years of "babying" a tree and then it's all gone :( So glad you have such a beautiful replacement!


Anonymous said...

We are so excited as well to be going and glad that you are going. We will be looking forward to seeing all of you! We are hoping to get our costumes made in time.
Mrs. Hope
The Hopes