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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Rest of the Finished Cotumes!

Here ate the rest of our completed costumes for the Reformation 500--Enjoy! Now Iv'e got to get to bed:):)
Good Night, Y'all!
Callie Sue:)
Lovely Margaret
"Yes, floof my dress, servant!"

"You ready to dance a jig???"
"Here we go!" (I would try to make it sound like he had a scottish accent, but I believe it would be better for all of us if I didn't try:):)

Lil Brothers:)
Cute, cute!!
Well, see y'all later!
Posted by Mary


Bonnie said...

What wonderful costumes, Mary! You girls did a good job. And your creativity was exercised, too! I really love the way you both have taken a can-do attitude when faced with a sewing dilemma. That is a skill that will serve you well as mamas in the future!

Looking forward to getting back together in Boston!


Whiddon Family said...

Thank you Mary for posting pictures of all y'all's costumes! Now you won't have to send them in your letter. ;-) Y'all really did a good job on y'all's costumes. Hope y'all have alot of fun in Boston!


The Miller Family said...

Those are beautiful costumes! You girls did a great job, and I'm very proud of you.

Hey Molly, no silver space dresses from YOUR girls!


The Dischers said...

Beautifuljob ladies!

I'm sure those little Scottish lads were the cutest ones in the parade :) I loved the "Jig" picture!

I can just hear Margaret saying to "Floof" her gown! Perfect!

Can't wait till you get back!

A. Beth
--who is sitting hear listening to her children playing lovely Celtic music!

Jason and Ashley said...

Wow, I am impressed! Those look like costumes you order out of a catolog. I love them and those boys look so adorable! Hope you had a nice trip!

treasuringthemoments said...

Beautiful work. Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.